My Better Half’s Nightstand!

Styling his Nighstand

If I’m going to style my nightstand to perfection then how can I not get a little “manly” and fashionably decorate his!

Here’s what we decided for his side of the bed: 

1. Lighting— (Tip still stands; even when it’s for him) I usually go for a table lamp that I position on the far right of each nightstand. It provides the illusion of more space.

2. Reading material—My husband always does research at night. So having books, iPad, or a computer make a nightly appearance is no surprise. I thought by giving him space on his nightstand it would encourage organization (subtle hints!)

3. A decorative object—We must be fashionable. So, finding him a more masculine object to sit atop his books provides style and functionality.

4. Space for his manly objects!—He clearly suffers from separation anxiety (particularly with his iPhone) so choosing to provide some open space for his things allows them to remain on the nightstand rather than in bed. It’s all about a happy medium my friends!

Styling his Nighstand

Styling his Nighstand

Style away event fashionistas!

To read the fashionable essentials of my nightstand: Hail to the Nightstand!

Entertaining Essentials: Decorative Object: West Elm// Nightstand: West Elm// iPhone Charger: IPhone Glam

{Fashionable Photo Credit: MJR Photography}

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