My Fall Home Décor Picks!

Fall Home Decor
Fall is here and changing your home décor to match the season is the perfect way to reflect the cooler weather. It’s all about being cozy and warm, so your home should be no exception. In the end, a little change always spices things up especially if it doesn’t break the bank. Now don’t go crazy. Stay within a neutral color scheme and pick heavier fabrics like cotton canvas, velvet or wool. These subtle changes are sure to make a world of a difference.

Décor Tip: Incorporate neutral colors that still reflect the fall season by making them your accents colors. This will keep your home feeling bright throughout the colder months yet still give off the warmth that you are striving for.

Now let’s get started!

The living area. Think throws, decorative pillows, and curtains. Actually, did you know that swapping out curtains serves two purposes? Yup, I swear! First it updates your décor and then changing them to a heavier material actually keeps your home warmer. A win, win if you ask me.

The bedroom. There are two things I always tell people to contemplate. The bed spread and the area rug. Now both of these can be a little pricey, so I say by just changing one you are certainly doing enough.

Lastly, but certainly not least are some accent pieces. Things like candles, trays, planters all can scream fall. Sometimes all you need is one staple piece and it will bring the whole room together.

Okay, now that you know what to change up, here are some of my favorite, personal picks!

Decorative Pillows

Enter these Target cross hatch pillows.  The gold color really scream “fall”  plus they can also be used throughout the holiday season especially if you don’t want to continue changing things up!

Nate Berkus Gold Pillow

Photo: Target.Com

Decorative Throw

Continuing on with my Target binge, this crème colored throw is perfection. The soft yet mid-weight fabric is sure to keep you warm. Oh, and of course laying this cutie over your couch is sure to be a hit!

Threshold Cross Hatch Throw

Photo: Target.Com


Curtain, curtains, curtains! Like I said before, the thicker material maintains that nasty cold out and the warm, warm air in. So, what is my pick? These West Elm curtains made of cotton canvas are sure to do the job. They are super cute and oh, on super sale!

West Elm Cotton Canvas Curtains

Photo: WestElm.Com

Bedding & Area Rug

Recently, I’ve been drooling over this bed spread and I think I’ll be taking the plunge. The heavenly grey color gives off a sort of sophiscation that I’m truly loving. Isn’t it lovely?! And to match the fabulous spread, I would totally do this area rug especially after the 70% discount. Love! Love! Love!

West Elm Gray Bedding

Photo: WestElm.Com

Rugs USA Light Gray Area Rug

Photo: RugsUsa.Com

Accent Pieces

For me, it is this fireplace candelabra. Now, like I’ve said in the past rules are meant to be broken so you don’t need a fireplace to have one—I sure don’t! But how cool would this look in a corner, as you cuddle on your couch with your new decorative pillows and fabulous throw. Yup, I hear you…sold!

fireplace candelabra

Photo: CrateandBarrel.Com

I hope this inspires your inner interior designer and gets you thinking on how you’ll be changing things up to welcome in the beautiful fall weather.

Till next time, keep decorating!



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