My Husband’s Easy Guacamole Recipe!

Easy Guacamole Recipe

For those of you who know my husband you know that he is definitely a guy’s guy. However, once in a while he breaks into his, “I am going to play stylish host” role and there’s no stopping him. He will enthusiastically describe every recipe he wants to whip up and he usually includes everything AND the kitchen sink. This simple pineapple, guacamole recipe was no exception. The conversation went something like this.

Him: “Babe, how about we add pineapple to my guacamole recipe?”

Me: “Huh?! Pineapple?! Your guacamole recipe is already great. There’s no need to add anything to it.”

Him: Yes, the sweet flavor of the pineapple will be a perfect addition.”

Me: “Okay, then why do you ask me? Knock yourself out!”

So, I sat back and watched him get crazy with it. And guess what?! A  gem was born. This simple yet unbelievably delicious recipe is a must try. Too die for! Plus it is the perfect appetizer for the upcoming super bowl festivities! Whip this up and I promise it will become a staple for years to come.

Here’s the guacamole recipe:

1. Three ripe avocados – peeled, pitted, and cubed

2. ¼ of a cup of pineapple chunks

3. One lime, juiced

4. One teaspoon of salt

5. ½ cup diced onion

6. Two tablespoons of  finely chopped fresh cilantro

7. Two roma tomatoes, diced

8. One teaspoon minced garlic

9. One pinch of ground cayenne pepper

In a medium sized bowl, mix together the avocados, lime juice, and salt. Fold in pineapple (leave some for garnish), onion, cilantro, tomatoes, garlic, and cayenne pepper. After combining all ingredients, you should have a “semi-mashed” consistency. Stylishly garnish with pineapple. Serve immediately.

Simple Guacamole Recipe

Easy Guacamole Recipe

Guacamole Recipe

guacamole dip

best guacamole recipe

best guacamole recipe

Easy Guacamole Recipe

Bon appétit event fashionistas and cheers to the men who love to entertain!



P.S. Guacamole recipe originated here before my husband gave it his own twist.

Fashionable Photo Credit: MJR Photography

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