Host An Oscar Night Party—Easy Appetizer Recipe!

  Oscars Party Idea
Hello lovelies!

So, now that you’ve seen my video, I assume you are hosting an Oscar Night Party. Full of glam and hollywood inspired treats, right?! Ha-Ha!

But of course if you haven’t seen it yet no worries, just click here.

As part of the big night, I promised to share my “fancy” crostini appetizer.  Here is the simple yet delicious recipe. Prosciutto, goat cheese, and truffle oil crostini coming your way!

Oscars Party Idea

1. A French Baguette

2. Trader Joe’s Goat’s Milk Creamy Cheese (or any other brand you prefer)

3. Trader Joe’s Sliced Prosciutto (or any other brand you prefer)

4. White Truffle Oil (I buy mine at Whole Foods)


1. Preheat oven at 425 degrees

2. Slice baguette into 1 inch slices

3. On a baking sheet lay baguette slices flat and then insert into the oven for roughly 8-10 minutes

4. Spread goat cheese onto baguette slices

5. Top with prosciutto and a drop of truffle oil—Note, that truffle oil is potent so a little goes a long way

And that’s it my friends! Easy and delicious. Can you really go wrong with this Oscar party idea?!

Oh, and I’m not stopping there. Here is the printable for the Oscar Night Ballot—Drinking—Game! Remember if you get it right, no shots. If you get it wrong, well then…(insert my singing)…shot, shot, shot, shot , shot….everybody!

Up next, it’s the DIY stirrers and skewers! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s project!

Oscars Party Idea

Oscars Party Idea

Oscars Party Idea



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