Host An Oscar Night Party—DIY Stirrers & Skewers!

Alright lovelies, you’re almost there! Now that you’ve watch my video and have the prosciutto, goat cheese and truffle oil crostini recipe, it is time for the finishing touches. These DIY stirrers/ skewers are the perfect addition to your Oscar Night Party! Okay who am I kidding, they are the perfect addition to any P-A-R-T-A-E. So without further ado, shall we get started?

Here are the step by step tutorials for this Oscar party idea:

Gold Glitter DIY Skewers


1. Small wooden letters (I bought mine at Michaels)
2. Elmer’s clear glue
3. Gold glitter (or any color you prefer)
4. Toothpicks
5. Glue gun

1. Apply glue to only one side of each letter
2. Cover each letter with gold glitter
3. Let dry for about 10 minutes
4. Remove excess glitter by picking up each letter and tapping against a hard surface (can get a bit messy so designate a confined area)
5. With a hot glue gun apply a bit of glue to the other side of each letter and attach toothpick
Skewers DIY

6. Allow 10 minutes of drying time

DIY Stirrers 


1. Star shaped cut out
2. Binder clip
3. Scissors
4. Gold construction paper (or any color you prefer)
5. BBQ Skewers
6. Straw
7. Glue gun


1. Google star shaped images
2. Using your at home printer, print your “stencil.” My star image was roughly 3 inches wide.
3. Clip star “stencil” to construction paper
Skewers DIY
4. Using scissors cut out stars as needed. Note that you will need two per stirrer.
Skewers DIY
5. Using a straw to measure, cut skewers to exact length.
Skewers DIY
6. With a hot glue gun, apply a bit of glue to the back of one star and attach skewer.

Skewers DIY

7. Lastly, apply glue to your second star and ensure to align both stars as best as you can, creating one stirrer.
8. Repeat process until you have your desired number of stirrers.

And that’s it my friends! Now that you are equipped with the ideas, recipe and these fun little DIY stirrers and skewers go out there and throw the best Oscar Night party you’ve ever hosted!

Oh and of course, let me know how it went. Curious minds always want to know!

Till next time,




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