The Perfect Polka Dot Dress! Now It’s Time To Celebrate!

blue polka dot dress
Hello lovelies! What’s a girl to wear when she goes out to celebrate 19k followers on Insta?! Or have a ridiculously exciting meeting about her upcoming “Fem Think Tank” event?! Well, obviously a fabulous little polka dot dress! This little number was not only cute, but its perfectly flowy and loose form allowed this girl—that would be me—to have many celebratory cocktails while hiding the pooch! #winning

polka dot dress polka dot dress blue and white polka dot dress
On that note, if you’re feeling a little dangerous and want to do a little shopping? Here’s my dress and of course if you’re in the market for some other polka dot dresses (because what girl isn’t), have no fear I’ve got you covered. Take a look at these options!

Until next time.





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