Yes Way To This… Rosé Strawberry, Mango Sangria!

mango sangria Hello Lovelies!

Today, is Fri-yay, which only means one thing, the weekend is officially here and what better way to get the festivities started than to host your very own “Roses and Rosé soirée!”A perfect gathering idea, if I do say so myself.

I’ve partnered up with the oh, so darling, Danai, from Champagne Darling  to help you bring this perfect theme to life.

strawberry sangria

Sooooo, shall we get started?!

Greet your guests by serving them a glass (or two!) of my Rosé Strawberry, Mango Sangria (recipe below) upon their arrival. Its summery, refreshing and perfectly sweet taste will have them going gaga!

For a complete setup, begin by gathering your items—glassware, a pitcher, and a tray are all that you will need. Next, find the perfect area to lay out your essentials. Bar cart, countertop, coffee table, anyone? These will all work!

Elevate your look by serving your sangria in champagne coupes. Yes, I know it’s sangria but rules are meant to be broken and after all it is a rosé par-tay!  Garnish each coupe with a fresh strawberry and place them alongside your icy cold sangria pitcher. This way as guests arrive you can easily serve them and be the stylish hostess that you are. And of course, don’t forget the blooms!

strawberry mango sangria

strawberry mango sangria recipe

But wait, the party doesn’t stop there. Keep with the roses and rosé  theme and setup a rosé tasting. #yeswayrosé!  This is the perfect option for anyone who prefers a little champagne or better yet guests who don’t discriminate and will have both champs and sangria! Danai, being the hostess with the mostess, is sharing her top two-rosé selections! Go check them out. I must say her selections are pretty amazing! My favorite made the list.

Hope you turn this cute theme into a gathering with friends!

Until next time.




Rosé Strawberry, Mango Sangria Recipe


1. A 750 ml bottle of sparkling rosé (Hostess tip: Because your mixing do not by anything expensive)

2. 1 cup of La Croix Mango flavored sparkling water (Hostess tip: If you can’t find La Croix, you can substitute for Mango Juice)

3. 5 cups of strawberries (3 cups to make juice, 1 cup to slice and put into your sangria, and 1 cup for garnish)

4. 1 whole mango, sliced


Begin by rinsing three cups of strawberries and cutting off their stems. Roughly chop them and place them into a blender until you get a smooth consistency.

In the meantime, slice remaining strawberries and mango. Pour rosé, sparkling water (or juice), strawberry puree and sliced fruit into pitcher. Add ice and stir. Garnish glasses with remaining strawberries. Serve and enjoy!

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