Say Cheese! Tips on Styling your Cheese Platter

Cheese Platter

If you are anything like me food is a guilty pleasure, an obsession. It’s up there with the likes of fashion, entertaining, and home décor! And while most foods tickle my fancy cheese definitely has a very special place in my belly. It’s why I live by the philosophy that cheese makes everything better. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, when in need of a quick fix for some impromptu entertaining, I fall back on the good ol’ cheese platter. It not only gives me an excuse to do a little over indulging but styling a cheese platter well that’s just an art. And nothing makes me happier than designing and eating at the very same time!

Cheese Platter

These are some of my tips for a fashionable yet yummy cheese platter:

1. A large, dark wood platter. The darkness of the dish will enhance and allow for contrast amongst the different foods you will plate.

2. A variety of cheeses. In this instance, I went for Midnight Moon Goat (a nutty goat cheese), Fromager d’ affinois (a double cream French Cheese), and Campo de Montalban (a semi-firm Spanish Cheese) —Don’t forget to serve at room temperature!

3. Fruits. Anything from grapes to dried fruits. I also love to mix things up and serve compote and/or honey.

4. Cured meat, olives, and nuts, oh my! All fabulous accompaniments.

5. Lastly, some bread and crackers and you are on your way!

For some stylish fun, I also “name tag” my cheeses and cut a few slices ahead of time to allow my guests some ease.

Can’t wait to hear your must haves. Let me know how you “event fashionista” your way through a cheese platter!

Cheese Platter

Cheese Platter

Cheese Platter

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