Set The Table!

Set the Table

As the holidays approach and entertaining becomes part of our daily repertoire, I thought I’d share some tips on setting the table. So, why not begin with each individual place setting. It’s really quite simple and effortless. I promise!

Here are some tips to remember:

1. Always begin by using the flatware furthest from the plate on both the right and left hand side.

2. Forks always go on the left and spoons always go on the right.  Dessert flatware goes above the plate.

Set the Table

3.  Plates go in the center. This is this the ideal order from bottom to top—charger, dinner plate, salad plate, and soup bowl. Side note—you do not have to keep all the plates at the table, but instead bring them out as you serve and remove after each course.  It is totally up to you!

Set the Table

Quick Table Setting Guide:

1.Water Goblet

2. Wine Glass (red)

3. Wine Glass (white)

4. Soup Spoon

5. Teaspoon

6. Service Knife

7. Plates

8. Dinner Fork

9. Salad Fork

Set the Table

Okay, now let’s eat event fashionistas!

1. First Course~ Soup –You can add an hors d’oeuvre course and shift everything one course forward. Doing this will allow for a five course meal.

2. Second Course~ Salad

3. Third Course~ Dinner

4. Fourth Course~Dessert

As for me, I keep dinners at my house semi-formal. After all, stuffiness is not my forte! So, as an example I normally make dessert more casual by not putting out the dessert flatware and/or serving it but rather creating a dessert bar with lots of yummy treats!  Another thing I do is create a latte/coffee/and tea station and allow for a more self-serve approach. This always gives me the opportunity to get my event fashionista on by designing it to perfection while keeping my friends and family mingling at all times!

Hope these quick tips serve as guidelines but remember rules are meant to be broken! So, make it your own!

Happy Entertaining lovelies!

Fashionable Photo Credit: Newbery Rosario

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    So helpful, I needed this!! I love idea of the coffee/bar and dessert stations

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