Sisters in Fashion: Meet Marcy & Kari!

If you remember the oh, so fabulous Zorana {see her event fashionista post here} you’d recall that she chose Marcy Benner as our next feature. Upon talking to Marcy about all things fashion, she mentioned that she co-owned her boutique, Maluka with her sister Kari. Enter the bright idea of shooting them together and doing a feature on both of them. Well, boy did they not disappoint!! They were everything I expected them to be and more. Their personalities were just as remarkable as their fashion! And after a bit of chit chatting, okay a lot of chit chatting we got to it! Oh and did I mention, we played dress up for our shoot! Yup, phenomenal!

Read on lovelies and fall in love just like I did!

What does being an event fashionista mean to you?

A. Marcy: Me, an event fashionista?! I’m honored. I’ve owned my own boutique for over nine years and I definitely strive to live by what I tell those around me, especially my customers. You MUST wear clothing that reflects who you are and what your most comfortable in. Doing this guarantees that you will always look and feel fabulous.

Kari: For me, being an event fashionista means having a true sense style and self expression. Because at the end of the day when you enter a room and exude confidence what you are wearing becomes your accessory. And who isn’t drawn to that?

Q. What best describes your fashion style?

A. Marcy: Eclectic and Comfortable. I redefine rock and roll on a daily basis. You will catch me wearing sequin pants with an old tattered tee shirt. Or the infamous little black dress with an old tarnished statement necklace. I say your biggest expression should be in the details. –I’m a with her! Sequin pants and a tee shirt are so up my alley!

Kari: Elegantly edgy. Simply put, Coco Chanel meets Rick Owens.—She rocks!

Your go to item when choosing an outfit, your favorite accessory?

A. Marcy: My huge Goldbarr necklace or my snakeskin boots. Aren’t these everyone’s?

Kari: I have a few. Whether I’m wearing a skirt, jeans or leather leggings, a white tee shirt and a pair of booties always seem to do the trick. {Gasps in excitement} Oh yes, and a jacket! One that you won’t take off, it remains part of your outfit. It just gives you that edge!

Q. Fashion tip when playing hostess? 

A. Marcy: Make it all about you, choose an outfit that compliments your décor.  Last month, I played hostess and chose ivory, gold and blush tones to design my table. So, I did what any girl would do. Wore my blush colored Virginia Wolf dress with big gold earrings. It was the perfect little detail that brought everything together. Oh yes, and a killer playlist! Can, I say that?!—Of course you can! Just because it’s not a fashion tip doesn’t mean it’s not a definite must have. Oh and did we mention, Virginia Wolf is their OWN clothing line. So many stylish pieces!

Kari: Effortless. It’s part of you, literally!. #Iwokeuplikethis—Oh, do we try!


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Q.  Advice tidbit for future event fashionistas?

A. Marcy: Be yourself and let your inner beauty shine.

Kari: Stay true to who you are and trust your instincts.

Come on, share some more!

Q. Your proudest moment?

A. Marcy: Besides everything my kids do. I would have to pick the work I do on a charity my family and I started shortly after my father passed away called the W. Cary Edwards Educational Foundation. The last event we held one of our scholarship recipients spoke and it brought me to tears. I am so proud that we have been able to help so many deserving people along their educational journey. – Truly amazing!

Kari: Besides becoming a mom, it was certainly when my sister and I opened our own store. A dream come true!

A fun fact people don’t know about you?

A. Marcy: I put ice in my cereal. Yup, you heard correctly! I like really cold milk so I can’t help myself. Oh yes, and I’m a sh** saver.  I literally save everything! {Enter her infectious laugh!}

Kari: I can’t think of a fact, but something people don’t know about me is that I would love to move to France with my children, rent an apartment and travel.—Sounds like an amazing plan to me!

Q. Ultimate guilty pleasure? 

A. Marcy: Candy! Candy! Candy!  I love candy! 

Kari: And me, shoes, shoes, shoes! I love shoes!

Q. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A. Marcy: You can’t ever really be truly happy with someone until you are happy with yourself!

Kari: Help people whenever you expect nothing in return.

Q. Pick! Pick! Who should be the next Event Fashionista? 

A. Marcy: Lindsay Walker, you’re up!

Kari: Ok, Deirdre Simms now it’s your turn!

Girl talk and fashion, I can’t complain! These fashionistas were truly a pleasure and I couldn’t be more thankful. Thanks Marcy and Kari! Here’s to a cocktail in our near future! Cheers!

P.S. Our event fashionista series has officially grown another branch {Two upcoming event fashionistas to feature}! Yay!

Fashionable Photo Credit: Newbery Rosario

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