Spring Cheese Platter

Now that the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, let’s showcase our most fabulous platters and do some serious entertaining! Of course, we can’t ever forget about the food and cocktails but when talking to my fellow event fashionistas (yes, you!) that’s just stating the obvious!

Styling a cheese platter Cheese Platter Styling
So, in taking my own advice I did just that over the weekend. I went ahead and paired my fabulous Michael Aram Cheese Platter with my new favorite Williams Sonoma champagne coupes. Got to inviting some friends over and before I knew it I was playing hostess. Certainly enjoyed every minute of it!

spring cheese platter William Sonoma Glass, Michael Aram Platter

Here’s what I included as part of my simple spring cheese platter:

  1. Dried apricots
  2. Honey Goat Cheese (my favorite)
  3. Sesame Crisps
  4. Chocolate (After all, who doesn’t love a bite of that?!)

Last but certainly least, I paired my cheese platter with this yummy grapefruit cocktail!

A few friends, some swapped stories and numerous infectious laughs later and I’d say my last minute shindig was exactly what the doctor ordered!

spring-cheese-platter-styling-4 spring-cheese-platter-styling-3 styling-spring-cheese-platter-michael-aram Cheese Platter Styling

Here’s to continuing our spring entertaining soirees! Cheers, lovelies!

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