Styling the Perfect New Year’s Bar Cart!

Style the Perfect New Year's Bar Cart

The new year is five days away and I’m starting the festivities by styling my bar cart. When entertaining, having a designated place for cocktails is key and a bar cart is the perfect vessel to house all of my cocktail essentials. Everything from spirits to glasses can be perfectly styled and most importantly, can be the go-to place for guests to get their favorite cocktails made! Talk about being the hostess with the mostest! He-He!

styling a holiday bar cart

So, what do you need to style the perfect bar cart?! The trick here (hostess tip coming right up) is that all items look like they seamlessly go together and since I’m doing this for my New Year’s festivities, I say gold and silver are the way to go!

Here are eight essentials for styling the perfect bar cart.

1. First up, wine and spirits. I always say have plenty of options for your guests to choose from. Think red and white wines like Rioja and Riesling. Beers like Coronas and some staples like Belvedere vodka and Brugal rum. Most importantly, at least one bottle of champagne. My pick Moët Rosé, I like to get a little fancy on New Year’s. But have no fear, Chandon Rosé is a cheaper option and just as good! This variety of spirits is sure to have you covered.

Top items for a bar cart

Need some wine picks, see my Basic Guide To Drinking Wine post!

2. A cocktail shaker. We must shake things up, especially drinks, right? And this shiny gold, clustered bell, cocktail shaker from Anthropologie will start your drinks and design off juuusssttt right. Who knew that this stylish item had a dual propose—cocktail shaker and musical maraca. Dance while you shake! 

Anthropologie Cocktail Shaker

3. Bubbly Cheers Coasters, of course! The word ‘cheers’ on New Year’s should be on constant repeat and coasters that remind us to continuously toast, well that’s just fabulous. Plus these are made of paper so make for easy clean up. You know, simply throw them away after you are done. Cin, Cin stylish hostesses!

Bubbly Cheers Paper Coasters

Hostess Tip: Chic coasters are great for styling but practically is key. So, these gems will prevent water stains on your furniture, especially on wood surfaces. Now that’s a win!

4. Glasses and lots of them! Think wine, highball, martini and champagne glasses. No need to put them all on your bar cart (usually there’s not enough space) but ensure you have them near by. I place my most festive ones, like these Anthropologie twinkle dot coupes and leave the rest on my kitchen counter for easy grab.

Anthropologie Twinkle Dot Coupes

5. Flowers, my favorite! These go with everything and our bar cart is no exception. This simple yet classic touch brings our New Year’s look to a whole another level. I picked up pink Peonies from Whole foods because they not only are my favorite but give the right pop of color to my sea of gold and silver.

Pink Peonies for Styled Barcart

6. Bring out the accents! Balloons and holiday decor are great design add ons. To keep with my color scheme, I stopped by Party City and bought some white and gold balloons but of course, I didn’t stop there. This resin, gold reindeer figurine from Target was an amazing decor addition. Cute right?!

How to style a bar cart

7. An ice bucket. This silver polka dot one, which I snagged up at Home goods will not only assist in styling my champagne but will also keep my cocktails from getting warm. Don’t have a Home Goods by you, the acrylic, Raise A Glass Kate Spade one is just as cute. Cheers to design that works!

How to style a bar cart

8. Lemons, limes, candy stirrers, oh my! Make sure to place each of these in a cute bowl/vessel for an extra added touch.

P.S. My candy stirrers also came from Home Goods. Gosh, that place it amazing!

Hot coco stirrers

Okay lovelies, now go grab that bar cart and the few items listed here and style yours to perfection!

May you have a fabulous New Year’s party filled with lots and lots of cocktails! Here’s to a prosperous 2016, event fashionistas!



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