Styling the Bar Cart! An Event Fashionista Must!

How to style a barcart

The obsession of the bar cart is back and it is here to stay!

It’s funny how things come full circle. When I was younger, my mom {who admittedly I’m just like} would throw these lavish parties full of family and friends and her bar cart was her ultimate sidekick. Although she never drank {okay, maybe I’m not exactly like her. :o)} she would gather people around it and whip up some fabulous cocktails. The bar cart was her staple and no soirée she ever hosted went without it.

How to style a barcart

Truth be told, during those years whenever my friends and I would play “house” I would always pretend to “host” parties and push the bar cart around. Ha! And here I am 20 years later fashionably hosting my own dinner parties and spreading the word in hopes of inspiring all of you to do the same.

There’s really nothing like filling a room with your family and friends for no reason other than just because. The joy it brings is like no other and hey, a stylish bar cart in tow can only make the experience better.

Endlessly Elated styling a barcart

tips on styling a barcart

So, here are a couple of tips on how to style your very own bar cart:

1.Stock up on the essentials. Cocktail shaker. Stirrers. Straws. Coasters.

2. Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Oh my!

3. Festive glasses that scream “Let’s Party!”

brugal rum barcart styling

tips on styling a barcart

tips on styling a barcart

4. Fresh blooms. They always make everything just a bit prettier.

5. Always make it your own. Bring in your personal style. After all, it is your bar cart!

Have fun styling event fashionistas!

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