Seven Tips On Hosting The Ultimate Indoor Summer Party!

summer party ideas
Summer is almost here and many of us don’t have backyards or an outdoor space to entertain in. If you’re anything like me, it’s all about city living and since the thought of not entertaining is absurd (what’s a girl to do?!) then we have no other choice but to bring the party inside. So, let’s get those apartments ready and those burgers grilling!

Summer Party Ideas
Here are my seven tips on hosting the ultimate summer party, even if it’s inside.

  1. Hosting a party inside means it is happening. Rain or shine! So, send out evites (it’s a casual affair) three weeks before your party. This will allow your guests some time to reply and give you enough time to plan. #winning

  3. Encourage guests to dress down. Summer dresses, shorts and t-shirts are definitely acceptable. Need to convince them further? Casually mention that ‘sweating’ need not apply. Why? Because unlike outside, inside there’s air conditioner! Yay, to indoor summer parties!

  5. What to cook?! It should scream summer BBQ. So burgers, hot dogs, and grilled skewers are the way to go. Also, try grilled fruit. Grilled peaches topped with vanilla ice cream are amazing! A little special addition to your traditional BBQ dishes.

  7. Go with punches and/or sangrias. Cocktails that can be made in batches and ahead of time are ideal. This will help avoid playing bartender all night and actually allow you to enjoy your party. Need a go to recipe? Try my mango sangria. Delicious, tropical and so easy to make! It is the ultimate crowd pleaser!

  9. Décor. Nothing screams summer party than bright colors. Choose a color scheme that pops. Yellow, hot pink and teal are perfect choices. White is also a staple. Next up, flowers. It’s all about bringing the outside, inside. And lastly but certainly not least, these cute DIY popsicles are the perfect addition! Here’s a free printable for your next summer party. All you’ll need to do is glue on a popsicle stick and voilà they are ready to go.

  11. Activities. Nothing gets the party going like a piñata. Fill it with treats, like mini bottles of booze and scratch offs and I promise you are in for some good fun. Another favorite is a hula-hoop contest. Watch your friends try to manage through this one after a cocktail or two!

  13. Enjoy yourself! Let the fun times begin. It’s summer time after all!

Hope these simple tips get you ready for your upcoming summer bash! And as always, don’t forget to share your favorite summer party ideas!

Mango Sangria Summer Party Idea Summer Party Summer Party
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