Super Bowl Party DIY French Fry Bar!

Super Bowl Party DIY French Fry Bar
And it’s healthy!

Super bowl is around the corner and my inner hostess is already doing the happy dance. In preparation for what’s going to be a day of indulging, I’m planning a full-blown menu. Stating the obvious, I know!

But with lots of indulging comes lots of calories. And although I LOVE to eat I don’t necessarily care for the bloating, grogginess that is the aftermath! Who does, right?!

So over the many years of hosting, I’ve perfected my menu, my super bowl recipes to resemble the bar food we love minus the millions of calories.

Enter, the Super Bowl Party French fry bar, à la healthy!

French Fry Bar

Here’s what you will need:

Alexia’s Organic Yukon Select Fries (with a touch of sea salt)I pick mine up at Whole Foods and bake them per the instructions on the bag rather than deep-frying them. And yes, with only 4g of fat for roughly 24 fries, how can you go wrong?!

Turkey BaconMy choice is Trader Joe’s Uncured Turkey Bacon. At 97% fat free that’s a complete win if you ask me. Super simple and delicious. In a small pan, cook thoroughly for roughly 3-5 minutes on each side and voilà!

Amy’s Organic Turkey Chili (low in Sodium)Definitely a healthier option and since it’s low in sodium, bloating who, bloating what! Over medium heat in a saucepan, I warm this heavenly treat up and it is ready to go. Perfection!

Scallions/Onions—Who doesn’t include these when making a plate of loaded fries. Plus, since they are veggies do they even count?

And lastly but certainly not least,

Trader Joe’s Organic KetchupHave you ever looked at the ingredients in a bottle of Heinz ketchup. If so, need I say more? If not, please don’t. Sorry Heinz! The Trader Joe’s version is all organic and has ingredients you can actually pronounce. Tomato puree, sugar, white vinegar, salt, onion powder and spices round it all up. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Perfectly healthy!

After cooking and prepping all my foods, it is time to style this easy, do it yourself Super Bowl Party French fry bar. In mason jars along with paper cones, which I roll myself using construction paper I add a handful of French fries in each. Having small bunches in separate containers makes for perfectly portioned servings. No over indulging and you achieve a super cute look! Talk about practicality meeting stylish design!

Super Bowl Party Recipes

Next up, using my Pier1 Imports cutting board I lay down my mason jars and toppings. Chopped turkey bacon, scallions and onions go straight onto the board. The ketchup, chili and cheese go into smaller bowls and that’s it my friends. All done!

I hope you add this easy to make, easy to style French Fry Bar to your super bowl party and if you do, please don’t forget to share your photos using the hashtag #eventfashionista. Can’t wait to see!

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