In 2018, I Invite You To Take A Seat At My Table! Yup, You!

Take a Seat At My Table

2017 has been a year of blessings and to say that I’m grateful doesn’t even begin to describe it. I often think to myself, how lucky can I really be? Is it all just going to come crumbling down, one day? And although I don’t believe in luck and fear is something I struggle with every day, these things cross my mind more often than I’d like to admit.

Six months ago, I was having one of these moments and I went back to what I always rely on. Life isn’t guaranteed. It’s extremely short and every day is one more opportunity to celebrate. It might sound crazy to some, but after having lost my dad I remind myself what’s important to me. What makes me Endlessly Elated– Yup, the reason I named my company what I did. And then just like that everything comes into perspective and I realize immense gratitude is the key to it all.

So, six months ago I came up with this idea. The idea to intimately connect with not only my family and friends (because, yes life’s busy schedule seems to sometimes get the best of us) but also with all of YOU. To get to know as many of you as possible and I’m not talking via social media platforms or YouTube videos, but face to face with bubbly on hand, of course!

And because of my crazy idea, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that Le Grand Courtâge who also lives by the mantra, “Accept All Invitations” is helping me reveal this series to the world! In 2018, I’ll be extending invitations to YOU (in hopes you’ll accept) and take a seat at my table! I’ll be inviting you over for some bubbly and dinner. It will be documented via my new YouTube series, “Take A Seat At My Table!” in hopes that it inspires you to celebrate everyday life. To also host family, friends, and even those you might not know. At least not yet!

By now, you know how much entertaining feeds my soul. How happy it makes me. How often it reminds me of all those other times I sat at that very same table, with a different group of people but always experiencing that same amazing feeling. Nostalgia at its best. So, to be able to have the opportunity, have this platform that allows me to intimately connect with you while doing what makes me Endlessly Elated is just a dream come true!

I hope you accept my invites and I can’t wait for you to take a seat at my table.

Side note, I told you I was bringing entertaining back! It’s the foundation of my company and it will never change!

Thank you a million times over to my dear friends at Le Grand Courtâge for partnering up with me in announcing my new series. You guys are simply amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful for your support!

And now without further ado… DRUM ROLL PLEASE…My first invite for “Take A Seat At My Table” goes out in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on your inbox! Can’t wait!

Take A Seat At My Table Hosting

Many Hugs,


 Le Grand Courtâge sponsored this blog post, however, the opinions within the post are completely my own and are based on my experience. #ad

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