Tasty Mango Sangria!

Mango Sangria Recipe

Summer calls for lots of fashionable entertaining and stirring up some cocktails well that’s just part of the fun. For me, the festivities don’t begin until these yummy little concoctions come out to play.

So, in the spirit of summer fun I thought I’d share my mango sangria recipe. You see this has been a secret jewel of mine for many years. My friends, family and husband can tell you that this cocktail is brought back on popular demand. For my sake {since being a hostess is LITERALLY the heart and soul of who I am}, I wish I could say that the sangria had a secret ingredient or a really difficult recipe. But the truth is that it is so easy to make and there is no “rocket science” behind it!

Here’s what you will need:

1. A large size pitcher
2. A bottle or two of white wine (depending on the size of your pitcher)—I prefer to use chardonnay but pinot grigio also works. Make sure to buy an inexpensive bottle, as you will be mixing with juice.
3. Two ripe mangos
4. Mango Nectar—I usually make it myself (with a few extra bought mangos). However, when I’m pressed for time store bought does just fine.
5. Sugar

Follow these few easy steps:

1. Fill the pitcher half way with wine and the other half with mango nectar
2. Cut both mangos into slivers and throw inside pitcher (makes for great presentation plus it’s yummy as well)
3. Add in Sugar to taste—I sometimes don’t even add sugar depending on how sweet the mango nectar/mangos are.
4. Stir and refrigerate until nice and cold.
5. Serve and Enjoy.

Mango Sangria Recipe

Mango Sangria Recipe

Mango Sangria Recipe

I know, super easy!

On a side note: I’ve also been known to make mango/pineapple sangria. Same recipe but just add pineapple juice and pineapple chunks.

Hope you’ve refreshed yourself with this delicious summery cocktail!

Chin, chin, event fashionistas!

{Fashionable Photo Credit: Newbery Rosario}

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