Top Five Must Haves for Impromptu Entertaining!

Top Five Must Haves for Impromptu Entertaining!
If you know me, you know that I will play hostess at the drop of a hat. No, seriously! I can’t even begin to count how many times a simple phone call with a girlfriend turned into a much-needed cocktail, a fashionable cheese platter, and non-stop laughter!

So, today I thought I’d share my top five must haves for an impromptu gathering!

1. Stock that Bar—Always have a nice bottle of wine or champagne on hand. And hey, if wine and champagne aren’t your thing then vodka, gin, or rum will do. Just don’t forget the mixers!

2. Fashionable cocktail glasses—Nothing takes a shindig up a notch than festive barware. Whipping up your signature cocktail and serving it “a la event fashionista” is a no brainer.

3. Serving tray/platter—You can skip on the formal dining setup and just opt for a more casual approach. Ensure to put out a fabulous spread and voilà you are fashionably entertaining.

4. Fresh flowers & candles—Nothing provides a quicker décor solve than some fresh flowers and candlelight. It gives instant warmth to any room! {My little secret: I usually fill my home with flowers on Sundays and restock once a week. This allows for fresh flowers at all times)

5. Your Sunday’s best—Didn’t think I was going to forget this one, did you? You set the mood so looking your best is a must. I promise it’s true. Appearing disheveled will have your guest(s) feeling uneasy and/or uncomfortable. Go ahead, put on your most fabulous outfit and get your hostess on. Besides, do we ever really need an excuse?

So now it’s your turn event fashionistas. Tell me what your must haves are when hosting a last minute shindig?

Until next time, happy entertaining lovelies!

Top Five Must Haves for Impromptu Entertaining!
Top Five Must Haves for Impromptu Entertaining!

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  • Eddie Restrepo

    Hey all new to the site so idk if you had touch this on your blog.. But what are good wines to have on hand, or to make a nice into a nicer nite?

    • Hi! I would definitely say it all depends on your taste palate. Do you like whites? Reds? My favorite type of wine is Riesling. It’s a semi-sweet white wine that usually has apple and other fruit notes. It’s delicious!

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