Girl Talk & Cocktails—How To Pack Like A Pro With A Little Side of California!

Hello Lovelies!

Girl Talk & Cocktails is back with a vengeance! This week I play your travel advisor and teach you how to pack like a pro. As we chit chat travel tips I also discuss my upcoming California trip (insert a big “yay!”). I’ll be traveling on Friday to the west coast so before I take off my friend, Cindy and I give you all the juicy details! Girls at heart, I tell ya!

Need my five packing tips?! Here they are:

1. Create a packing list – Have no fear, I have created one for you. Download Here!

2. Plan your outfits + take pics of each outfit – This will stop you from overpacking and keep you organized on what to wear, where! 🙂

3. Choose items that you can wear more than once – Especially, shoes! They are bulky and take up lots of space.

4. Pack travel size toiletries – Space savers I tell ya. This gives you room for the more important things like makeup and accessories, right?

5. Going on a trip with a girlfriend?! – Share blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. No need to pack two of everything. It is a perfect solution.

Okay, now watch on and as always comment down below! Can’t wait to hear from you!



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