My Cuba Vacation Outfit Picks! Come Do A Little Shopping!

grace bay beach turks and caicos Hello lovelies! I’m off to Cuba and I figured before I went I’d share some of my vacation outfits with you guys. Most of the items were Cuba inspired—think floral patterns, bell sleeves, and ruffles. Vacation chic, if you ask me! So pick one vacation outfit or all, but get ready to do a little damage.  🙂

If you are looking for some summer outfits or are planning your next vacation, welcome home.

Happy Shopping!

Until next time.



P.S. In case you need a little travel inspo, check out my Turks And Caicos Travel Diary! Cuba travel vlog coming up!

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Turks and Caicos: Travel Guide!

Gansevoort Hotel Turks and Caicos
Hello Lovelies!

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Turks And Caicos: Travel Diary!

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Our Version of Things To Do In New Orleans…Mmm, Eat!

Hello Lovelies,

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Eat, Drink and Sightsee! Things To Do In New Orleans!

Things to do in New Orleans - Beignets
Hello Lovelies!

Al and I will be traveling this week to New Orleans for a friend’s wedding anniversary party and I thought I’d share my travel plans + get any other ideas from all of you on places to see, eat and drink at. As many of you might already know, traveling for Al and I is something that we are extremely passionate about. So, besides the airplane rides (I’m deathly afraid) I live for every minute of seeing and exploring new places. With only a few days to explore New Orleans, the agenda is jam packed and we are ready to conquer it all!

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Girl Talk & Cocktails—How To Pack Like A Pro With A Little Side of California!

Hello Lovelies!

Girl Talk & Cocktails is back with a vengeance! This week I play your travel advisor and teach you how to pack like a pro. As we chit chat travel tips I also discuss my upcoming California trip (insert a big “yay!”). I’ll be traveling on Friday to the west coast so before I take off my friend, Cindy and I give you all the juicy details! Girls at heart, I tell ya!

Need my five packing tips?! Here they are:

1. Create a packing list – Have no fear, I have created one for you. Download Here!

2. Plan your outfits + take pics of each outfit – This will stop you from overpacking and keep you organized on what to wear, where! 🙂

3. Choose items that you can wear more than once – Especially, shoes! They are bulky and take up lots of space.

4. Pack travel size toiletries – Space savers I tell ya. This gives you room for the more important things like makeup and accessories, right?

5. Going on a trip with a girlfriend?! – Share blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. No need to pack two of everything. It is a perfect solution.

Okay, now watch on and as always comment down below! Can’t wait to hear from you!



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Martha’s Vineyard: One-Year Wedding Anniversary Trip!

Martha's Vineyard Wedding Anniversary
If you follow me on social media, you know that I celebrated my one-year wedding anniversary this weekend. Time surely flies!

My husband planned a surprise trip to Martha’s Vineyard. It was my first time there and I must say it was magical! The picturesque scenery, the bike ride around the island, and the delicious food were just a few of the many wonderful things we saw and did!

Our weekend began by arriving at The Charlotte Inn (highly recommend it), a quaint hotel with impeccable service and an amazing restaurant. If nothing else, I could have sat on our terrace the entire weekend and been content. Outright perfect! Read More

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