My Dearest 2017, Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart!

Hello Lovelies! After taking the month of in December, I am back, sharing a recap of all the amazing moments in 2017! It was truly a wonderful year, full of great memories and remarkable milestones. From the expansion of my business via digital courses and my first ever “Fem Think Tank” to vacations with my family and becoming a homeowner. If that weren’t enough, I also found my company’s true purpose and rebranded it to elevate the idea of “Celebrating Life”—Stay tuned for all the new YouTube series coming in 2018!

I sit here in awe and can’t believe 2017 is coming to a close but one thing is for sure. I will never be able to put into words how grateful I am for all of YOU. For your support and your unwavering “I got your back” vibe. You are the reason I keep pushing through even when all the odds are stacked against me.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!

I hope you had a great 2017 and I wish you an even better 2018!

Until next year, my lovelies!




Cuba Travel Diary! Havana, Varadero, and Viñales, Oh My!

Hello Lovelies! It’s finally here. My Cuba Travel Diary is officially out! Go watch as we galavant through Cuba and visit as much as we possibly could in five days. I hope you enjoy this as much I did.

Also, in case you missed the travel guides, here they are HavanaVaradero and Viñales! Read More

My Cuba Travel Guide! Part 2: Varadero And Viñales Rounded Up Our Perfect Trip!

Cuban Cigar Roller in Viñales Cuba

Hello Lovelies! After exploring the city of Havana, we decided to take two one-day trips—one to Varadero and the other to Viñales to do some more exploring. Nothing screams perfect vacation than being able to visit the city, the beach, and the countryside all in one fabulous trip! Read More

My Cuba Travel Guide! Part 1: Our Magnificent Journey in Havana!

Cuba Travel Guide Hello lovelies! I’m finally back from Cuba and to say that this island was magical is an understatement. It was truly spectacular and I can honestly say to some extent life changing. What started off as a fun trip turned out to be an eye opening experience. One filled with lots of joy and happiness. Read More

My Cuba Vacation Outfit Picks! Come Do A Little Shopping!

grace bay beach turks and caicos Hello lovelies! I’m off to Cuba and I figured before I went I’d share some of my vacation outfits with you guys. Most of the items were Cuba inspired—think floral patterns, bell sleeves, and ruffles. Vacation chic, if you ask me! So pick one vacation outfit or all, but get ready to do a little damage.  🙂 Read More

I’m Off To Cuba! Here are My Top Ten Travel Tips For Your Next Adventure!

Hello Lovelies! As some of you know, I’m off to Cuba this week to immerse myself in the culture, explore the island, and really get to know the local people. I truly can’t wait! So what better time than now, to share my top ten travel tips! Read More

My NYC Staycation! Celebrating Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary!

Hello Lovelies! Our wedding anniversary is actually today but Al surprised me over the weekend by taking me on a one day NYC staycation. It was so much fun! Read More

Turks and Caicos: Travel Guide!

Gansevoort Hotel Turks and Caicos
Hello Lovelies!

As most of you know, Al and I visited Turks and Caicos this past week. It was truly magical and we completely fell in love with the island! So, of course how could I not share my travel guide with you, especially if it means you will be visiting. If it were up to me I would say pack your bags and go now! Read More

Turks And Caicos: Travel Diary!

Hello Lovelies! As many of you know, I was in Turks and Caicos this past week and I absolutely fell in love! It was truly paradise. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing my Turks and Caicos travel guide as well as some vacation fashion outfits for a little inspiration. You know to get you in the vacation mood. 🙂  In the meantime, catch all the eating, drinking and relaxing on this travel diary video. Read More

Our Version of Things To Do In New Orleans…Mmm, Eat!

Hello Lovelies,

As you know, Al and I traveled to New Orleans last weekend for our friend’s wedding anniversary party! It was a blast! After much research and of course, your recos, we hit the city running. Needless to say, most of what we did consisted of eating! And i mean lots and lots of eating! Watch on for just some of the places we ate at, oh yeah and visited. Read More

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