Welcome to the Event Fashionista Series!

Event Fashionista Series

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to create a space where I could feature women just like you and me. Women who celebrate life—those who entertain, design, and are oh, so fashionable.  So, I did it and I couldn’t be more excited!

Each feature will provide insight into our event fashionista’s world—from fashion to design to entertaining. It’s all about inspiring each and every one of us to live an Endlessly Elated life!

So, what better way to start than with little ol’ me!

Q. What does being an event fashionista mean to you?  

A. To me, an event fashionista (and the sole reason I came up with term) is someone that strives to live Endlessly Elated (Wink! Wink!). She takes pride in living one fashionable day at a time!  She doesn’t take herself too seriously and is most content when hosting and entertaining her family and friends. She believes each day is a celebration so wearing her Sunday’s best is a no brainer and well, styling her home is a must! She’s infectious and contagious with every bit of her being and she’s exactly who she is; an event fashionista!

Event Fashionista Series

Q. What best describes your entertaining style? Your fashion style?

A. My entertaining style similar to my fashion aesthetic is such that it appears sophisticated (I hope so, anyways!) but also lighthearted and carefree. It’s all about looking the part. It’s one of my favorite things. So, whether it’s a table top or an outfit the philosophy remains the same—jazz it up! Conversely, it needs to feel effortless. To have a sense of informality. Be carefree. Truth be told if we are at a dinner table together, we are friends. Let’s get to chit chatting. Drinking some kickass wine. Laughing the night away and trying NOT to behave. Stuffiness is not my forte! So, I certainly don’t expect it show up at my table or in my fashion.

Event Fashionista Series

Q. Your go to item when hosting a party, your favorite entertaining accessory?

A. This is a tough one since I live for fashionably hosting soirees. Anything from linen napkins to beautiful tableware is a must. However, if I had to choose one thing, I would have to say really phenomenal food & drinks. Although, I take great pride in making everything look splendid (including my outfit) food and cocktails always make a party and I mean always. So, Bon appetit!

Event Fashionista Series

Q. Fashion tip when playing hostess?

A. I read a million blogs daily (all of which I admire) but I always seem to read all about the faux pas. You know, the “Don’t wear white. Stay within a dark color pallet in case you get dirty” or “Don’t wear form fitting clothes to ensure comfort in the kitchen.” Say what?! I say do the complete opposite. As a matter of fact, bring out the most fashionable outfit you own. It’s your time to shine; you are an event fashionista. For a hostess, setting the tone is key so looking your best is definitely a must. Here’s my tip—Time yourself so that about an hour before your party all the prep work is completed and the food is slowly simmering over the stove. This will allow you to shower, get dressed, and appear your most fashionable before your guests arrive. And hey if all else fails that’s why aprons were invented!

Event Fashionista Series

Q. A piece of advice for future event fashionistas?

A. Live it up. Don’t take yourself too seriously (I need a reminder of this from time to time). Life is worth celebrating so go ahead and fashionably entertain like you mean it! Be infectious! Throw on that fabulous dress you’ve been meaning to wear but haven’t found the right occasion to wear it to. My lovelies, event fashionistas never wait! The fashionable attire must always come out to play! It’s all part of the fun.

Event Fashionista Series

Come on, share some more!

Q. Your proudest moment?

A. My proudest moment would have to be the day I decided to begin pursing my passion. To actually take the steps (even if they are baby ones) in putting myself out there. For such a long time, it was only a distant thought, a dream. It sounds silly but I’m certainly my happiest when doing what I love. It took me a long time to get here and many mistakes along the way (and I’m sure many still to come) but I think I finally got it. And hey, if not I’ll refer to the event fashionista tidbit above. Don’t take myself too seriously and in the meantime I’ll enjoy living within a space that feels like utopia!

Q. Ultimate guilty pleasure?

A. Now this is an easy one! A little vino & a yummy cheese burger. Even in food choices, I try and strike a balance. Wine = Sophisticated; Burger= Relaxed! It is a win, win!

Q. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A. It’s so hard to narrow one down. Yikes! The one that comes to mind immediately is not something that I was directly told but rather indirectly taught via my dad’s passing. Life is too short and living with the notion that you must follow in other people’s footsteps is simply uninspiring. Live to create YOUR best work, YOUR best life. Go out there, be scared, stay vulnerable, and always show up. Allow yourself to look back and be thankful you were present. To quote Stevie J. (Steve Jobs that is, he! he!), “if today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today? Whenever the answer is no for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” If nothing more, it’s a philosophy to live by! Love you dad!

Q. Pick! Pick! Who should be the next Event Fashionista?

A. Melissa Rey Ruta, you’re fashionable and fabulous! Tag you’re it!

Event Fashionista Series

Happy living Event Fashionistas!

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