My Top Six Wine and Cheese Pairings!

Host A Wine and Cheese Party

Hello Lovelies!

In honor of yesterday’s festivities, National Wine and Cheese day, I thought I’d share my top six wine and cheese pairings to have in your back pocket the next time you decide to play stylish hostess! Because let’s be honest, you probably have bottles of wine that need drinking. Or a favorite summer wine that needs to be bought. Or if you’re anything like me, any little excuse to entertain.

Host A Wine and Cheese Party

Host A Wine and Cheese Party

So, here my six wine and cheese combos that will have you gasping for more!

1. Riesling (my fave!) paired with Parmesan — The salty bite of the cheese will be a magical offset to the sweetness of the wine. They will play off each other in complete harmony.

2. Chardonnay paired with Mild Cheddar—Make sure to buy a medium bodied Chardonnay (it will have more oak tones), which will match the nuttiness of the cheese.

3. Prosecco paired with Brie —Brie goes with all types of wine (or with everything!) but the creaminess of this cheese paired with the bubbly nature of prosecco is by far one of my favorite combos.

4. Sauvignon Blanc paired with Goat —The tanginess from the goat cheese pairs perfectly with the pungency of the wine. I prefer honey goat cheese for a hint of sweetness!

Hostess Tip: If you’ve never had honey goat cheese, I say you stop reading this immediately (I’ll forgive you!) and run off to your local supermarket to pick some up. I get mine at Trader Joes and it is phenomenal!

5. Pinot Grigio paired with fresh Mozzarella — The mild taste of the mozzarella is the ideal counterbalance shown in the citrus notes of the wine. If you aren’t necessarily a cheese lover I would say this is your best bet.

6. White Zinfandel paired with Manchego —This versatile wine (also known as beginners wine) offers a burst of fruitiness so a hard, rich flavor cheese like Manchego is true perfection!

Host A Wine and Cheese Party

Need some wine recommendations and where to buy, check out my Basic Guide To Vino post. Also, let’s not forget to offers some other accompaniments. So bring on the usual suspects! Besides cheese (of course!), fruits like grapes and dried apricots, bread sticks and/or crackers, nuts like pecans and almonds, cured meats of any kind and yummy, salty olives are always welcome!

Host A Wine and Cheese Party

Now go on, pair your favorite wine and cheese and the next time you need an excuse (if ever!) come back and scroll through my posts, I promise to get you in the party mood!

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