My New Favorite Summer Item! My Stylish Wine Bag!

Wine Bags Hello Lovelies!

This past Saturday I took my own advice and crossed off “Attend a picnic” from my summer bucket list. As I mentioned last week, I bought tickets to attend Pinknic, a rosé filled, music festival with all my favorite trimmings. Rosé, for starters. I know, stating the obvious. Open air, pink blankets, cheese, crackers, music and the list goes on.


rose wine

So, what’s a girl to do but gather her friends, grab a picnic basket and be on her merry way? Nothing, but get her butt over there.   😀

So, I did!

It was so worth it. The day turned out to be a perfect 72 degrees (although a bit cloudy), I got to catch up with my college roommate and discover my new favorite summer item!

To give you some background, a few weeks leading up to the event I received an email from Heather (such a sweet girl!) over at WineFarer, a company that manufactures stylish wine bags for the modern day gal. She asked if we could collaborate on something together and immediately, I was like, “Well I’m attending this picnic….” etc. etc. and bringing along a wine bag to keep my rosé cold is a no brainer. Oh, because did I mention that it keeps wine/champagne at its original temperature for over two hours? Genius, I know.

So, in the name of research I put this oh, so stylish wine bag to the test and I’m thrilled to report (partly because it’s super cute and partly because I never have to drink warm wine outside again) that it held its end of the deal.

Cheers to fashionable wine bags! To the wine bag I own and the ones I’ll be gifting to all my friends—at least the ones that behave! Ha-ha!

A huge thank you to Heather at WineFarer for collaborating and partnering up with me. If you ladies are interested in your very own wine bag, have no fear the link is here!

Cheese Platter

Endlessly Elated

Wine tote



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with WineFarer. Although this post is sponsored, no payment was received and the opinions expressed herein are my own.



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